Best Flight Schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

For those exploring flight school options in the Oklahoma City area, which operate out of the Wiley Post Airport, Guthrie-Edmond Airport, and Chickasha Airport. There are six reputable schools to consider:

  • Sundance Flight Academy, Oklahoma Aviation, and Volar offer comprehensive training programs from private pilot through advanced ratings like commercial, multi-engine, and flight instructor certifications. They utilize technologically advanced aircraft and provide structured curricula suitable for career-oriented and recreational students.
  • Blue Skies Flight School and Route 66 Flight School specialize in private pilot and instrument training, guiding students methodically through FAA requirements in a community-oriented environment.
  • Chickasha Wings offers training from sport and private pilot up to commercial multi-engine, with an emphasis on affordability.
  • Each school brings its unique approach, fleet, and pricing, catering to various experience levels and goals.

Best Flight Schools in Oklahoma City

Sundance Flight Academy

🗺️Sundance Airport: 13000 North Sara Road Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73099

Sundance Flight Academy offers beginner flight courses prepare students for the Private Pilot License, with a minimum of 40 hours of flight time. This includes 20 hours of dual instruction and 20 hours of solo flying.

The school utilizes fully-restored Piper Cherokee aircraft and a state-of-the-art Redbird FMX simulator for training. Certified Flight Instructors guide students through ground school, Discovery Flights, and all phases of pilot certification.

In addition to Private Pilot training, Sundance provides advanced courses for Instrument Ratings and other certifications. The school caters to aviation enthusiasts seeking a recreational pursuit as well as those pursuing professional aviation careers.

Sundance Flight Academy maintains competitive pricing for Oklahoma flight schools. Their fleet is available for rental by licensed pilots. The school offers pilot supplies and gear through their airport store.

Programs Offered:

  • Discovery Flights
  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Ground School
  • Flight Review

Oklahoma Aviation

🗺️Wiley Post Airport: 5901 Philip J Rhoads Ave #207 Bethany, OK, 73008

Oklahoma Aviation prides itself on producing top pilots through expert instructors, an excellent training curriculum, and a modern fleet of aircraft. Their accelerated program allows students to earn licenses faster than the national average, finishing the Private Pilot course in under 50.5 hours compared to 79 hours at other schools.

The school utilizes web-based training integrated with one-on-one flight and ground instruction for a seamless learning experience. Students have access to training materials from Cessna enriching their education.

Oklahoma Aviation’s fleet includes late-model Cessna 172s with G1000 avionics, Cirrus SR20 aircraft, and multi-engine Diamond DA42 planes. This variety of technologically-advanced aircraft prepares students for various pilot certifications and ratings.

The school offers courses for Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Airline Transport Pilot, and Flight Instructor certifications. Their professional environment, high standards, and attentive student support cater to both aspiring career pilots and recreational aviators.

Programs Offered:

  • Discovery Flight
  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot – Single-Engine Land
  • Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine Land
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Flight Instructor – Instrument Certificate
  • Multi-Engine Instructor Certificate


🗺️Wiley Post Airport: 7200 NW 63rd St APT 203, Bethany, OK 73008

Volar Flight Academy offers a structured training path for individuals seeking FAA pilot certifications and ratings. Their programs cater to both aspiring career pilots and recreational aviators.

The school provides courses for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot (single and multi-engine), and advanced ratings like Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. Each program follows the FAA’s Part 141 regulations, with defined objectives, prerequisites, and curricula.

Volar emphasizes a systematic learning approach by combining ground school, web-based training, flight simulators, and actual aircraft operations under guidance from certified instructors. Their fleet includes technologically advanced aircraft equipped with advanced avionics.

While the costs vary based on the rating, Volar aims to produce competent pilots through efficient training methodologies. The school’s professional environment accommodates students’ diverse goals, whether pursuing aviation careers or personal aviation interests.

Programs Offered:

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot – Single-Engine
  • Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
  • Multi-Engine Instructor

Blue Skies Flight School

🗺️Guthrie-Edmond Airport: 520 Airport Rd, Hangar 4, Guthrie, OK 73044

Blue Skies Flight School specializes in providing flight training for private pilot and instrument ratings on single-engine aircraft. Their focus is on guiding students methodically from an introductory discovery flight all the way through earning their Private Pilot License.

The school offers an initial experience flight for those interested in getting a taste of flight training before committing. Once enrolled, students work towards meeting the FAA requirements of 40 hours total flight time, including 20 hours of dual instruction.

Training is conducted in the school’s Cessna 172M aircraft, which is certified for instrument flight rules (IFR). In addition to flight hours, students must complete ground instruction, written exams, an oral test, and a practical check-ride with an FAA examiner.

While some students may meet requirements around 50 hours, many take between 50-70 hours of flight time before being signed off for the private pilot check-ride. Costs cover instruction, aircraft rental, study materials, and FAA examination fees.

Blue Skies Flight School is great for those seeking recreational flying privileges as private pilots as well as those interested in potentially pursuing further commercial training down the line.

Programs Offered:

  • Introductory Discovery Flight
  • Private Pilot Certification
  • Instrument Rating

Route 66 Flight School

🗺️Wiley Post Airport:7220 NW 63rd Street Bethany, Oklahoma 73008

Route 66 Flight School prides itself on providing a carefully designed training journey for student pilots. Their philosophy emphasizes safety and quality over rushing through the process.

The school offers training for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor certifications. Students train in Cessna 172 aircraft with analog instrumentation to build a strong aviation foundation.

Route 66 uses custom training syllabi developed through decades of experience to guide students methodically through each rating. The programs are divided into stages that progressively build skills like basic flight procedures, navigation, cross-country flying, and check-ride preparation.

In addition to structured training, the school fosters a sense of community among its students and instructors. Pilots participate in local aviation events and group fly-outs to unique destinations, often along historic Route 66.

Whether aspiring to be a professional or recreational pilot, Route 66 aims to instill proficiency and make the journey towards becoming an aviator both safe and enjoyable.

Programs Offered:

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor

Chickasha Wings

🗺️Chickasha Airport: 2376 Beachcraft Rd #4, Chickasha, OK 73018

Chickasha Wings, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Mitchell Williams to provide airplane rental and flight instruction services.

The school caters to both aspiring professional pilots and recreational aviators. Its training fleet includes Cessna 150s, a Cessna 172, Piper Cherokees, and a Piper Apache twin-engine aircraft. Instruction is offered by full-time and part-time certified flight instructors.

Chickasha Wings offers training programs for private pilot certification, sport pilot certification, instrument rating, and commercial multi-engine rating. Costs for each program are outlined, including flight time, ground instruction, books and supplies, FAA written exams, and checkride fees.

With a focus on safe and affordable training, Chickasha Wings aims to help students achieve their dreams of flying, whether for personal enjoyment or a professional aviation career.

Programs Offered:

  • Private Pilot Certificate Program
  • Sport Pilot Certificate Program
  • Instrument Rating Program
  • Multi-Engine Initial Commercial Rating Program